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The SABCO Professional  microfiber cloths – Are a 300gsm meaning the quality is incredible and especially at the price they are.

The Sabco professional cloth is created to pick up and trap bacteria, dust and grime on impact.

Used in the in all hard surfaces 

What is a microfiber cloth - A fiber is as fine as splitting one strand of hair into 40 pieces, it grabs onto things and hold onto them until released.   

Areas that microfiber can be used on -

  • Kitchen surfaces  
  • Bathroom surfaces  
  • Light fixtures  
  • Cleaning walls   
  • Removing dust  
  • Cleaning lounges  

To clean the cloth must be used WET to clean a surface (pick up bacteria) and dry to remove light dust.  

When using only water - You must rinse the cloth regularly releasing the grime using a detergent dishwashing liquid.

If you're using them alongside a disinfectant just rinse and squeeze them in the water and keep using. 

Fold the cloth in 4, so you’ve got 8 clean parts to use before you’ll need to rinse it out.  

The cloths must be machine washed after every use, washed on a normal wash and placed in the dryer to re electrolyte the cloths. You don’t need to put them in the dryer another hack is to run them over your tv when turned on. This can also re electrolyte the fibres


  • If you use these cloths on rough concrete the fibres will ruin  
  • If you use these cloths for cleaning ovens they will stain, still work but stain 
  • They will last you 250 washes  
  • Wash them after every use  
  • When they feel stale they’re rubbish  
  • When removing build up first spray SHYN degreaser then agitate using the wet microfibre cloth 


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