Meet Sam the visionary who brought SHYN Products to life! She's a self-made entrepreneur, training dynamo and workshop wizard with over 20 years hand on the tools cleaning genius ... and Australia's best home detailer. With multiple successful cleaning and detailing businesses and over 12 years experience helping clients all across Sydney, Sam knew there was something missing. In 2018, SHYN Products was born - a phenomenal range of cleaning products that make light work of even the most stubborn or hard-to-clean areas throughout the home.

SHYN Products contain no harsh chemicals. With the right training (provided free through our Facebook Group "How to SHYN!") we guarantee you will halve the time of cleaning in every room of your home. What's more, you'll be able to throw away all the other cleaning products clogging up your cupboards.

"I've worked tirelessly over the last two decades to break the mould on how people clean - I love teaching people how to properly detail their home, with less hard scrubbing and no back breaking work!"

But wait - there's more. Sam personally teaches workshops across Sydney. Regular public workshops offer singles, couples, mums, dads and even the elderly a chance to work with Sam hands on as she restores and unlocks hidden value around the home with SHYN Products. Sam also trains and coaches Cleaning companies and Real Estate Agents to better themselves and support their clients with simple, effective and simply put, amazing results! She will show you how to create raving customers, increase property values and increase your reputation and word of mouth.


From a difficult and often challenging childhood, Sam has risen above to become one of Macarthur’s leading business role models for young entrepreneurs. Sam has proven it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from – with hard work and determination – anything is possible.

While you would expect Sam to be busy in the office, she is usually rushing between detailing jobs and staff training. Sam is never too busy to pick up a grout brush and lend a hand.

Although ‘down time’ isn’t really in Sam’s vocabulary, on weekends she can be found spending time with her children and giving back wherever possible to local not-for-profit agencies. Sam truly is an inspiration to staff and her local community.

I am a forward thinker in every sense of the word and a scientist by profession, but always had an appetite for creativity, innovation and new product design.

“I’ve had so many ideas over the years… it was time to step up to the challenge of not just coming up with an idea but actually make it happen."