Floor cleaning kit used to clean dirty floors
Floor cleaning kit for cleaning timber floors


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Cleaning really dirty or built up grime on floors can be the biggest headache and almost impossible. I've created this system with products to help you crush it and crush as fast and easy as possible.

There are 2 options you can choose from   

If you've got tiles and there discoloured 99% of the time this is your solution             

Option 1 - Tiles 

The Floor bundle - You'll receive 

1 5 litre SHYN degreaser designed to breakdown all grime and residue on tiles and grout fast - 

1 Floor cleaning tool, 1 1.8 metre extendable pole it's a tough piece of aluminium that won't bend or break,

1 pad attachment for your magic eraser floor pad to hold onto and also connects to the pole, 

1 double strength floor magic eraser designed to remove all built up residue fast and in one stroke, 

1 grout broom, 122cms tall designed  to remove the grime from the grout, 

1 hand held double strength magic eraser made to remove residue trapped in the edges of tight spots, 

1 microfibre mop, an incredible creation made to deliver streak free, clean floors like you've never seen before, you'll also use it on the first clean to remove all product residue. You'll receive 

1 mop pole to attach onto your mop head that is approx. 160cms tall. Exact 24 x 1450mm

For rough tiles the tool will be your go to tool every fortnight, for smooth tiles you're looking at every 6 months to 1 year. 

The signs of a build up 

  • The tiles look discoloured
  • The floors feel hard to mop
  • It looks like there's a film on the tiles
  • Your tiles are porous, and your current mop doesn’t clean the floors properly. 

Option 2 - Timber floors 

You don't need the whole bundle because you you've got timber floors, or you're floors don't need an initial clean,  in that case you'll only need - 

1 1 litre Rubio Monocoat soap, it's the safest floor wash for timber, bamboo and laminated floors. Why? It's has no nasties it's vo3 free, and it's designed not to react with any coating on any floor or affect the natural look timber of the finished look.  You'll only need 1 lid full in your 16 litre mop bucket filled with warm water. You'll also receive 

1 microfibre mop to clean the floor lifting up all grime and residue on the floor fast and easy, achieving streak free results every time.  And you'll also receive 1 mop pole to attach to the mop that is approx. 160cms tall. Exact 24 x 1450mm


If you get stuck or you're not sure what you need, reach out and call us on 0450400471 or 130004SHYN and we'll help you find what you need for your individual situation. The only advice you'll receive is advice from a trained property detailer. Rest assured your in  good hands.