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You won’t need too much and you won’t need a lot of cloth‘s or a lot of product.

Think about the things you clean on a daily basis, you upkeep your kitchen Benchtops, stove tops, sink and taps and splashback. In the bathrooms you might wipe down your sink and mirror and if you have a little mold problem spraying it once a week should avoid any mould buildup in the grout or in the silicon in the bottom of the shower.

They shouldn’t be any dusting but if there is you’ll  need only to wipe down your surface tops that you see on a daily basis.

what I put in this pack are things you will need to be able to get those surfaces done as fast and easy as possible.

Here they are 

 ✅ 1 2L SHYN DEGREASER - Used to break down built-up grime, residue and Fatty oily residue within 10 seconds making it really easy for you to remove.

You may not need it often but you will need it

✅ 10  DOUBLE SIZE MAGIC ERASER - Used to remove medium soiled residue fast and easy using only water. in my experience the cleaner doesn’t do everything when it comes to maintaining a home in 85% of homes so the doors stay dirty the edges of the floors stay dirty and sometimes your white shoes need to be cleaned. The double size magic eraser is made to give you two sponges out of one, cut it in half soak it with water and start cleaning when you need to.


✅ 5 RED - Perfect for cleaning surfaces daily, any hard surface using only water they are amazing something you will never look back on. They pick up and trap bacteria dusted and dirt and grime.

You’ve got the red cloths if you’d like to colour code for the bathrooms when you do the daily or the weekly wipe down.

✅ 20 PACK OF MAGIC ERASER WIPES - Perfect when you need to clean up dirty spills fast like the sink and Tapware in the bathroom after you’ve done your make up or before people arrive for the get together, and amazing when you need to clean the dirty bench fast, spot cleaning shoes,  spot cleaning walls and doors. It’s something you can use and throw out when you want to.

✅ 10 SHYN POLISH CLOTHS  - Used to dry all shiny and glass surfaces dry in seconds without needing any glass cleaners to make that happen. You will need them for the bathroom mirror, the kitchen splashback, the stove top, the sink and tapware, for your glasses and maybe in the car. And that’s just to name a few places.

✅ 1 LARGE 870g SHYN PASTE - You’ll only need this if you maintain your own oven, if you have a monthly cleaner and you’d like to clean your sink in between, when removing scuff marks on your white shoes or you’ve got a stain on your stone bench tops.

✅ 1 X SABCO MICROFIBRE MOP - Most of us need to mop our homes in between, if you don’t have this mop head you don’t know what you’re missing out on. It’s easy on all floors it picks up dust, dirt, bacteria and grime. on 99% of flaws there is never a streak left behind. AND IT’S EASY 

✅  1 750ML AERIS ACTIVE MOLD KILLER - used to kill mold directly on all surfaces at any time. This is the product that mould remediation companies used in their businesses every day to kill mold. You’d probably only use it in your showers where the water sits and doesn’t go anywhere either once a week or once every few days.

✅ 1 SLIM LINE DETAILING BRUSH - Used to get into those deep crevices and remove the trapped grime. We are 90% of the cleaners I see that’s the stuff that gets missed. They may be awesome at everything else, it’s just that one job that never gets done so I’ve given you a brush for when you want to get it done.

We've got a FAQ page for helpful tips, and loads of videos on all platforms, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and of course our How to SHYN Facebook group. When you've made your SHYN purchase our team will send you videos by email and all the details you'll need to know when caring for your cloths, what to use where and where not to use certain products. We've got you, we're here to support you, you'll always receive instructions and information from trained cleaners and detailers and you'll always be answered or followed up within 24 hours unless it's a weekend, then it's first thing Monday morning.

I'm pumped to hear how you've made your life SHYN, how much better do you feel after using the SHYN system, how does your home or work feel after a SHYN clean? And what are you doing with the extra time you've got back since using SHYN? 

I really want to know, I've put everything into making sure you've all got everything you need to crush it, I love hearing your stories 😍