large 870 gram shyn paste, 5 litre shyn degreaser, 750 aeros active, wall and floor tool, 1 absorbant floor pad, 5 shyn ultimate grey cloths 3 double strength magic erasers, 5 double size magic erasers, 10 red Sabco professional Microfibre cloths, 5 black shyn polish cloths, 1 sabco grout brush, 1 slim line detailing brush, 1 scrubby floor pad, 3 mr clean steel scrubs


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The MIGHTY BATHROOM Bundle- RESULTS YOU HAVE TO SEE TO BELIEVE – Bathrooms can be hard, frustrating, and boring especially when your results are not the results your hoping forz

 NO wonder why people can’t be bothered to get up and clean them, where do you start, how do you do you it and with what tools do you have?

In bathrooms you’ve got mold to kill, soap scum to remove from within the whole shower, the tiles, grout, fixtures, the frame, and sometimes surface stains on chrome, drain covers and grout, then your basic cleaning of the mirrors, removing the toothpaste, cleaning the toilet, the bath, the doors etc.

The only thing we don’t have in this bundle is an everyday disinfectant

Every challenge you could have in a bathroom, we’ve got you covered, everything in this bundle is designed to make bathroom cleaning easier than it’s ever been before

Let’s run through what’s in this bundle

✅ 1 – 5 litre SHYN degreaser – Used to breakdown all surface dirt and grime fast, making it easy to remove.

✅ 1 – 850g large SHYN paste - Used to remove surface stains on fixtures, tiles, glass, chrome ware, brass, grout and any surfaces that are heavily built up

✅ 3 - SHYN Double strength magic erasers – Used wet and to remove heavily built-up grime fast and easy, they’re stronger than the sister of this sponge the double size magic eraser. This sponge is built to last through the hard times. 

✅ 5 – SHYN double size magic erasers – Used wet and used to remove regular soap scum from within the bathroom, they are double size and created for you to make two sponges out of one. Our team use these sponges every day when detailing our regular homes, they more cost effective, we don’t reuse our sponges in different homes or for the next clean. Saving money and time

✅ 10 - RED Sabco Professional multi-use microfiber cloths – Used dry to remove dust, used wet to remove residue and bacteria on mirrors, toilets, tapware, fixtures, tiles and do much more 

✅ 1 - Slim line detailing brush - Used WET to remove all trapped dirt and grime sitting in the crevices  

✅ 1 - Grout brush - Used WET to remove dirt and grime trapped in the grout  

✅ 5 - Grey SHYN Ultimate cloths - Used to dry surfaces leaving them streak free. You’d use this cloth when drying a shower, they are a cloth to absorb a fair bit of water, it’s easy, you won’t need any glass cleaners from this moment on. Once you’ve washed and rinsed your shower down, simply wipe the glass dry and it will be perfect.

✅ 5 - Black SHYN Polish cloths - Used to dry surfaces leaving them streak free. You’d use this cloth when drying your mirrors and fixtures on a daily basis, the SHYN polish is the brother of the Ultimate, the only difference is the thickness, it’s half the weight, easier to move around and lighter on your hands. It absorbs perfectly for everyday cleaning, our favourite cloth when polishing chrome ware, TV’S and drying all shiny and glass surfaces.  

✅ 1 – Italian made light durable aluminium extendable pole that extends up to 199cm, and attaches onto your rail base, eliminating ladders avoiding unnecessary accidents. When cleaning your wall tiles, ceilings and perfect when cleaning your bathroom floors, no bending needed.

 ✅ 1- Floor tool attachment, made in Italy and made to last the floor and wall attachment is 40cm long and has a reach hook and loop rail base that attaches to the pole while the pads hold onto the two strong Velcro patches moving down the base. It has a lock and unlock system to clean under hidden areas. Ideal for cleaning floors, ceilings, and walls, it fits under everything so seamlessly.

✅ 2 - Red wall and floor 100% cut pile microfibre pads - Strong and thick, the quality is second to none, made in Italy, created to pick up bacteria, dust, grime, and absorb 5 times more liquid than your average floor pad. Just pull off the pads and throw them in the washing machine, it’s as simple as that.

 ✅ 1 - XTREME microfibre pad - are perfect for agitating and removing grime, residue, and dust in rough surfaces, especially bathroom floors, it has little scrubby bits in between the microfibres that agitate and pull out the grime. Just pull off the pads and throw them in the washing machine, it’s as simple as that.

✅ 1 – 750ml Aeris active – Used to kill mold on impact anywhere anytime. If you have a mold problem, dry your shower after every wash or spray your grout and silicon with this spray. Can be sprayed on ceilings and walls. It’s a powerful disinfectant that kills bacteria and germs on impact. Always test a small inconspicuous patch for continuing.

✅ 3 pack Mr Clean Steel scrubs – Used for tough surface stains usually only on chrome drain covers and chrome fixtures. If you’ve got heavy built up of surface grime in the showers or bath these pads are also amazing. Our teams been using them for 12 years and swear by them. Sometimes you need a little bit of a heavy scourer on surface stains on awkward surfaces.

We've got a FAQ page for helpful tips, and loads of videos on all platforms, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and of course our How to SHYN Facebook group. When you've made your SHYN purchase our team will send you videos by email and all the details you'll need to know when caring for your cloths, what to use where and where not to use certain products. We've got you, we're here to support you, you'll always receive instructions and information from trained cleaners and detailers and you'll always be answered or followed up within 24 hours unless it's a weekend, then it's first thing Monday morning.

I'm pumped to hear how you've made your life SHYN, how much better do you feel after using the SHYN system, how does your home or work feel after a SHYN clean? And what are you doing with the extra time you've got back since using SHYN? 

I really want to know, I've put everything into making sure you've all got everything you need to crush it, I love hearing your stories 😍