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Leaving your surfaces streak free after one stroke using either one of these cloths

Once you've removed any residue on any surface, both cloths will leave it streak free in one wipe. The difference between the two is the thickness, both designed for a purpose which I'll walk you through. 

The GREY ULTIMATE is double the thickness of the black polish cloth, it's used for areas that leave a lot of water behind. Like the windows, the shower or when drying all the glass, shiny cupboards, chrome ware etc, when drying the car it's unbelievable and the best part is you don't need ANY glass cleaners for anything anymore when using this cloth. It's machine washable and will last you 250 washes before you'll need a new one.

The BLACK POLISH is amazing too does all the same things BUT it's half the weight, perfect when drying the TV, the DVD player, the mirrors, the glass coffee tables, cleaning your glasses. WHY make two, when drying bits and pieces that aren't too wet you want something light to hold, something that's effortless to hold, avoiding hand injury by avoiding holding a tight grip when holding a thick cloth. You don't want that, either do i, but i don't want to use, wash and dry so many cloths when drying really wet areas either. So you've got the two to use when you need to use them.

IF THEY LEAVE STREAKS THERE ARE TWO REASONS - The cloths are dirty, the surface is dirty or the cloths are wet. 

The Black polish is used in kitchens, all types of glasses. polishing wine glasses and on shiny surfaces when drying, see all small areas.

The Grey ultimate is used when drying the car, bathrooms and windows, on all large wet areas

We've got a FAQ page for helpful tips, and loads of videos on all platforms, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and of course our How to SHYN Facebook group. When you've made your SHYN purchase our team will send you videos by email and all the details you'll need to know when caring for your cloths, what to use where and where not to use certain products. We've got you, we're here to support you, you'll always receive instructions and information from trained cleaners and detailers and you'll always be answered or followed up within 24 hours unless it's a weekend, then it's first thing Monday morning.

I'm pumped to hear how you've made your life SHYN, how much better do you feel after using the SHYN system, how does your home or work feel after a SHYN clean? And what are you doing with the extra time you've got back since using SHYN? 

I really want to know, I've put everything into making sure you've all got everything you need to crush it, I love hearing your stories 😍