5 grey shyn Ultimate cloth's, five blue Sabco professional microfibre cloth's, a large 870 g Shyn paste, 1 5later Shyn Degreaser, three pack of Mr clean steel scrubs, one slimline detailing brush, one grout brush, five Shyn black polish cloth's, five double size magic erasers


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BRING YOUR KITCHEN BACK TO NEW – Make it easy while getting results you could only dream of is what you'll do.

There are many surfaces in a kitchen that may need a detail - Such as stainless steel, chrome, matt textured cupboards, polyurethane, oven racks, timber, granite, marble, laminate, stone, tiles, glass, plastic and so many more. In this bundle any hurdle you’ll face when cleaning these areas, no matter how dirty they are will be covered by all or some of these tools.

Let’s run through what's in the bundle

✅ 1 - 5 Litre SHYN degreaser - Used to breakdown all surface grime, fat and chemical residue, making it effortless to remove 

✅ 1 - large 870g SHYN paste – Used to remove surface stains and heavy baked on grime

✅ 5 – Double size magic erasers - Used to remove  grime in one wipe

✅ 5 - Blue Sabco professional multi use microfiber cloths - Used to remove light to medium surface grime and product residue in one wipe and at the same time they’re perfect for the regular upkeep

✅ 1 - Slim line detailing brush - Used WET to get into those deep crevices releasing and removing the stuck in  dirt and grime

✅ 1 - Grout brush - Used WET to remove grime and dirt in grout 

✅ 5 – Grey SHYN Ultimate cloths – Used to dry surfaces, especially glass, mirrors and shiny surfaces  leaving them streak free every time, this is a thick cloth, there for absorbing more water than any other SHYN cloth. Use less cloths, less washing, avoid spending more on cloth's that you don't need. Say goodbye to all glass cleaners from now on in.

✅ 5 – Black SHYN Polish Cloths – Used to dry surfaces, leaving them streak free every time, this is the brother of the SHYN Ultimate cloth, the only difference is, it’s thinner and easier to move around as well as being lighter on your hands. You’ll use this cloth when polishing or drying things on a daily basis, they still hold water well just not as much as the Ultimate, the SHYN polish cloth is our go to daily drying cloth.

✅ 3 pack of the Mr Clean Steel Scrubs – Perfect when cleaning oven racks, the BBQ plates, the inside of an oven, the element covers of the stove top and anything tough, baked in that’s a pain to remove. Samantha and the team have been using these scrubbers for 12 years and stands by them, she tells us you will need these at some point of your day/ week/ month, 1000% without a doubt.

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF MAKING THE SWITCH is to watch the tutorial videos on our How to SHYN Facebook group. 

Our CEO has also created an Exclusive Members only teaching page when learning HOW TO SHYN a space where you're updated on all new products, videos, and tutorials. We don’t ever stop making videos, we’ve got a home detailing business and we're seeing more and more different surfaces as the days go on.

Using the product without knowing how to use it is like having the best ingredients to cook the most beautiful food, without any recipe or directions, how does the food turn out? Not the best, it’s the same with anything in life. All great things have a process especially when cleaning.   

If you've got the technique by watching the videos, and not the right product, you'll be left with the same results you’ve always gotten, make sure you’ve got the right tools and correct technique so you can achieve incredible results every time.

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